Swimming Pools

The number one key to building a pool having many years of experience, having the team to build it and having a solution to each event that comes up.
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Pools that are easy for maintenance and vast design flexibility.

From Design to Construction

Houston Pool Contractor has built a reputation for helping Houston and surrounding areas customers design and construct swimming pool

Quality Design and Construction

We work closely with customer to determine the requirements and needs for their backyard swimming pool. Making the process of designing and constructing a swimming pool as flawless as possible.


Our professional Team considers the size of the yard and the materials needed as well budget and the time frame to build so they can recommend the size,style and quality of pool to meet your expectations.

The Best Experience Ever

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.


Construction Designer

Rebar Process

Expert ProfessonalCreww

Gunite Phase

Years of Experience

to Plastering

Quality Finish

Trusted by the best