Pool Design Questions

What should you consider when choosing a pool layout?
When choosing a pool layout, the first aspect to consider is size. There is a limited amount  when it comes to pool size as the extent of the yard is what determines the pool’s maximum. In addition, there are building codes and safety regulations to abide by. Pool depth is a factor to consider, especially for a family with small children. The pool can also come in a variety of shapes. Older pools most likely are rectangular in shape and can be ideal for exercising. Irregular or round shaped pools are considered to be a more relaxing shape suited for family gatherings. Placement, privacy, visibility from inside the home are also factors to consider as a pool can become a huge part of one’s everyday living.


design the area around a pool?

The area around the pool can be designed with wood or stone decking, with either natural or synthetic wood or natural or tiled stone depending on the preferred style and maintenance. Stones can also be used to create a low border wall around the entire pool.

Round shape Pools

L Shape Design

Rectangular Design

The Surroundings

Landscaping is also a huge part of the design of the area around the pool. For example, increased surrounding greenery can allow for intimacy and privacy. Finally, lights can be placed to increase safety and create an ambience.

Coping refers to the stone or concrete material that makes a lip at the edge of a pool. It is the coping that one hangs onto when in the water and provides a non-slip surface for walking. This cap finishes the overall look of the pool while protecting the wall from harsh weather conditions.

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What is coping in pool design?